Adrien Sacco is the President of the Vulten Group, an international group focused on creating the future of today’s technology to enable humanity to live a better tomorrow.

From a very young age, about 5 years old as his grandma recalls, he has shown an insatiable curiosity about technology. He always wanted to know how things worked. That’s when he disassembled his first appliance, trying to rewire it to “automate how grandma wakes up”. It was a clock, and he wanted to connect it to the lamps of the apartment so that they light up when it was time for her to wake up.

A few years later, just about his 8th anniversary, his father bought him an old computer for his birthday, and huge stack of books, taller than him. Lo and behold, Adrien started to read them all, and started putting his newfound skills in practice. That’s when he started programming.

At school, he became the administrator of the computer network at the age of 12, then, at the age of 14, started his first software company, specializing in radio broadcasting software. This company never took off, but he wanted more.

He began his experiments in human-computer interaction about the age of 15, and proposed to his school to migrate all of their computing equipment to a software of his, combined to a laser-tracking device, thus creating an interactive multi-touch board for teachers to teach. Sadly, the school never agreed to put the project in motion, deeming lasers too dangerous.

He got invited by an American celebrity investor to speak at one of his conferences in Chicago, just before he entered university.

He started the company that would then become Vulten while he was a student: a consultancy company that specialized in CRMs, one of his passions at the time.

He dropped out of university 3 years later, his company having taken off and him not seeing how University could help him further as he was constantly teaching and correcting his own teachers.

He currently lives in beautiful Brussels, Belgium and travels worldwide. He is president of the Vulten Group, a keynote speaker, inventor, and author.


Adrien Sacco (Secrétariat)
Avenue A. Fraiteur 15-23 (Level 1)
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+32 2 319 82 66
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